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I am thrilled you joined the Miranda Jo Davis community! My way of saying “thank you” is by sharing this complimentary action guide, “How to Practice Yoga and Not Compromise Your Faith.”

As an author on the subject and expert in Christian yoga, I educate Believers on the importance of implementing parameters around the practice. If you desire to safely navigate the yoga world, then following this simple action guide is highly valuable. In doing so, you receive the confidence needed to pursue the mental and physical benefits of the practice while honoring your faith!

Step One:

Pray: Before you begin this journey into the yoga world, invite Jesus to partner with you in prayer. You want to search for the optimal yoga class setting and instructor with God’s help. He will give you the discernment and instruction needed to find the perfect fit. His word clearly states, “All things are possible in Christ Jesus” (Phil 4:13), and we believe that applies to practicing yoga.

• Pray about the studio- specifically, that the setting would be free from teachings rooted in eastern religion.

• Pray about the Instructor- Ideally, you are seeking someone of the Christian faith. Dear Heavenly Father, I am coming to you because you are an all-knowing, all-powerful God, and I trust you to provide answers. I pray you would give me clear guidance and direction regarding a yoga class and an instructor who will not subject me to false teaching. I hope to practice yoga with a teacher who is a fellow believer in Christ. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Step Two:


Begin looking for a class and instructor. Think of yourself as an investigator seeking clues as to why or why not the class and instructor would be beneficial for you as a Christian.

• The Gym: If you are new to yoga the gym could be your best place to start. Gyms are likely to have a yoga class based on a workout style, which is ideal. When the class structure centers on asana (the physical execution of poses), it’s likely to be free from philosophical teaching. Request a one to three-day pass so you can try a variety of yoga classes with different instructors. It is important to note, there is a vast array of yoga styles, so read the class descriptions to find the best option for you according to your health and wellness needs.

• The Studio: If the gym environment isn’t for you, a studio setting is worth checking out. Studios have a more intimate and personal feel, catering to the individual needs of a student.

1. Investigate studios in your location using Google. Immediately, you can narrow down the options by the studio name. Studios with the name Karma, Sattva, Bhakti, Zen, or any reference to Buddhist or Hindu names may integrate false teaching in their classes.

2. Investigate the yoga studio website by reading the “about” page as well as instructor bios, looking for clues into their spiritual beliefs. In addition, see what kind of classes and events they are hosting. These as well as their social media pages give insight as to the overall spiritual tone of the studio and staff. Classes or events with crystals, gongs, or chanting in Sanskrit would be reasons for caution or to avoid altogether.

Step Three:

Attend: Once you have narrowed down your search, it’s time to take a class! Many studios offer a free first-class or have a onetime drop-in rate.

1. Pray- Before entering the studio, pray and ask God to reveal any details regarding if this studio or instructor is the right fit for you spiritually.

2. Investigate- Upon entering the studio, take note of what you see and hear during the class. Do you see alters, other gods, or deities in the space? Does the teacher speak and use the sacred texts from eastern religion during class? Is there use of crystals, chanting, gongs, or Sanskrit (the language of yoga) music that can attribute to worshipping false gods? If so, these are indicators that this studio or instructor is probably not compatible with the Christian faith.

3. If your first encounter into the yoga world don’t measure up to your expectations, simply repeat the above steps and try a different class and instructor. Options are available, so be prayerful, have patience, and persevere.

Bonus Option:

Go Virtual: Perhaps you tried the above action steps but could not find a good spiritual fit in a gym or studio. Then going to a virtual class is an ideal option. Doing this type of class is helpful if your time is limited, or you prefer to do your workouts privately.

• Although there are many virtual classes when it comes to practicing online, there are few offered in compatibility to the Christian faith. For this reason, I invite you to join the Miranda Jo Davis online community with our Zoom video classes.

If you want a superb physical and mental workout in yoga or Pilates with a scriptural thematic and biblical truth spoken during practice, this is your solution! For more information or to take a free sample class go to TEACH menu of my website, mirandajodavis.com.

I hope you have received valuable insight and clarity when navigating the yoga world. Remember, as Christians, we want to be in the yoga world but not of it. The guidelines above, when implemented, will shield your faith and give you the physical and mental wellness you desire.

If you enjoyed this action guide but would appreciate more comprehensive and detailed information on “How to Practice Yoga and Not Compromise your Faith,” then stay tuned in for my upcoming book on this very subject, scheduled to launch in Winter 2021.

May the Lord provide for and richly bless your Christian yoga journey!


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